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Frøsøen -- The Pond

  • Dette er den allerførste Dråbehistorie, jeg nogensinde tegnede. Det vil sige at den er 14 år gammel. Jeg håber I alle kan se, at jeg er blevet bedre til at tegne siden ;)
  • This is the very first story about the Droplets. It is over 14 years old. I hope you can all see that my drawing has improved since then ;)

    It was a lovely, varm summer's morning. Blue was about to water his flowers as he heard screaming and splashing sounds from the Pond. He ran down to the Pond..

    At the Pond Purple was pulling his boat ashore, while Red franctically tried to reach his boat. It lay bottom up in the middle of the Pond.
    "Yellow did it," Purple sauid. "He came and asked Red if he could play wiht his boat. Red told him he wanted to try it out for himself first."
    "Yes," Red added. "And then he just threw my boat into the Pond. And I can't reach it!"

    Blue and Purple helped Red out of the water and Purlpe suggested that they all played with his boat.
    "Great idea," Blue said. "But what are we going to do about Yellow, we don't want him to act like that, do we?"
    "Can't you go and have a word with him, Blue. He's more apt to listen to you than to any of us rigth now, I think." Red said.

    Blue went to Yellow in his apple home. Yellow sat pouting on the bed.

     "What happened?" Red asked Yellow. 
    "Red was unfair, he did not want me to play with his boat."
    "You know what, Yellow, you misunderstood something. Red just wanted to try out the boat first. He just made it and wantyed to test it before he would let anybody play with it. That's what he told me. And now the boat is at the deepest spot in the pond and he can't reach it."

    "Is he very angry?" Yellow asked timidly.
    "Nope, he's not angry, but quite sad." Blue replied.
     "Can't you go and tell Green to fish out the boat with his fishing rod. Then I'll go tell Yellow that I'm sorry and bake a lot of pancakes for all of us tonigth."

    "Good for you, Yellow," Blue said. "I'll run."

    The day ended on a nice note among the Droplet. Yellow baket a lot of pancakes, and Green ate more than his share, as usually. 

    "Oh, Green, you'we had your share now," Blue said. Red has been fetching firewood, and not had one pancake yet; and you have already had four."

    "Oh boy," Green said, "But I'm so so hungry. Yellow, your pancakes are the very best. 

    All the droplets started laughing, Green could always eat, especially sweet stuff.

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    1. Uglemor,

      Gemma-Rose and I have just enjoyed your story. Your pictures are very good! It must be so lovely to be able to both write and draw. Children love looking at pictures as well as hearing a story. My drawings are very pathetic! I wish I had your skills!

      We are looking forward to reading more Droplet stories. How wondeful you will have all your stories here in one place for everyone to enjoy.

      God bless!

      1. Thank you for your kind encouragement.