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Et brød -- A Bread

  • A winter's morning Blue avoke hungry. But in the kitchen there was no more bread, nor flour. 
  • He went to Purple's home and asked: "Do you have any flour left?" 
  • Purple relpied: "No, sorry, I used up the last flour for the bread I just ate." Blue went to all the other Droplets, but none of them had any flour left.

  • In the end Blue reached Yellow's house. Yellow did not hae any flour either. Blue told her that none of the Droplets had any. 
  • Yellow Replied: "But ... It's a catastrophe! Without flour I can not bake any more pancakes!"   
  • White camme running: "I know how we can get some flour. MotherOwl feeds the birds

  • Blue took his sack ant went to the bird feeding place. He met Mama Greenfinch, she looked very angry. "Hello Mama Grrenfinch. Why are you so angry?" 
  • "I'm so hungry," Mama Greenfinch answered. "Do you see all those food balls half buried in the snow? A stupid squirrel gnawed through the strings. I and all the other birds dare not sit down here in the snow and eat, the cat will eat us then."

  • "Maybe I can help," Blue said. "I'm hungry too, If I hang up alle the food balls again, can I then have all the wheat grains from up in the house?" 
  • "That's a deal." Mama Greenfinch replied. 

Blue took a long string and tied it to the house on the pole. He then climbed down the pole, tied a food ball to the string, climbed up again, and tied the ball to its original string. Twice more Blue climbed the pole to the bird's feeding house, and then all the food balls were in place again.

Blue filled up his sack with wheat grains. Mama Greenfinch sat on the edge looking. Luckily there were lots of wheat in the mix, and Blue had his sack full in a hurry.

  • "Good bye and thanks, Mama Greenfinch," Blue said waving.
  • "It's me thanking," said the bird, and Blue slowly climbed down the pole with his full sack. 

Blue went home through the snow and ground the grains. He baked a wonderful big bread. And when it was done he went in search of the other Droplets. Blue thought they were hungry as well.

  • Blue found the other Droplets in Yellow's house, where they were playing. They ate all of the warm, delicious bread, and became pleasantly full. 
  • "Your bread is almost as good as Yellow's pancakes," Green said. 
  • "Well then it's a luck that there is more grain. Yellow can make pancakes one of those days," Blue said.

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